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Su Su Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Review by Mark Snyder

408 Washington Street
Stoughton, MA



Su Su Sushi is a wonderful addition to the culinary variety available in Stoughton. All You Can Eat on weekend nights is $25.99 per person, and well worth the price. Weekday lunches are only $15.99. There are discounts for those 65 and older, and 12 and under. This is not your father's buffet. In fact, there IS not a buffet. It's a large menu, and you order as much as you want from it. Most items come in small quantities, and you can taste everything they have to offer. It's not just dining---it's an experience!

I had an amazing array of appretizers, Tempura Shrimp, Shrimp and Scallops Katsu, Yakitori, Beef Tataki, Chicken Teriyaki. We had Beef Sukiyaki soup (not a winner), Crispy Salmon and Tuna Maki (amazing!), Spicy White Tuna Maki, Crab Stick Hand Roll, Salmon Hand Roll, BBQ Ribs, and to top it off with strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cake, and green tea ice cream. GREAT food, excellent service (from our waitress Evey), and a nice experience. This place is upscale, but reasonable in price. I hope it is a big success. Plus, they are members of the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce!

****Four Stars (Very Good)


Greenside Grille @ The South Shore Country Club

274 South Street
Hingham, MA

Review by Mark Snyder

 My wife and I had high expectations Saturday night when we headed out for the 45 minute ride to Greenside Grille.  We made 6:30 p.m. reservations and were looking forward to enjoying an upscale meal, and some stress-free time.  On arrival, we noticed the lovely surroundings of the South Shore Country Club's golf course, and walked into the restaurant, which was small, but offered a nice view of the greens out the large picture windows.  Televisions had the sports channels on, so we were happy about that.
When we arrived, at about 6:25, we were asked if we had reservations.  We said, yes, for 6:30 p.m. We were told a table was not available, so we waited until well after 7 p.m. to be seated.  There were no other parties waiting.  As soon as we were seated, our friendly waitress brought us each a glass of water and some warm rolls and butter.
My wife ordered the South Street Spinach Salad (fresh field spinach with white beans, roasted peppers, onions, and pine nuts tossed with a red vinaigrette, topped by seasoned shrimp/$16.99).   I ordered a baked Fisherman's Platter ($23.99). It came with a baked potato and veggies, and I requested pasta instead of the veggies. The waitress said she couldn't do that, and she told us her manager said no as well.  (Which made no sense, since asparagus is a LOT more money that pasta.) 
About twenty minutes later, the food arrived. My wife's salad was pedestrian, but tasty. Her grilled shrimp were delicious. Mine, on the other hand, was another story.  The manager told our waitress that since we were kept waiting, he'd give us the pasta, so we were surprised to see it on the plate. But, when I tried to eat it, I regretted not getting an extra basked potato.  The pasta turned out to be inedible, as it was overcooked, dry and tasteless.  The baked potato was the best part of the meal!  The "Fisherman's Platter" turned out to be a VERY tiny dish, with merely two shrimps, four scallops, and a tiny 2" piece of fish.  The platter was more the size of an ashtray. Seriously, they could be sued for false advertising when comparing the menu description to what was finally served!
We ordered for dessert one of my favorites, apple crisp ($6.99).   There was exacly one ounce of apple (three small slices) in a tiny dish.  The rest of the dish was a generous portion of whipped cream, and one scoop of vanilla ice cream.  As my wife said, it was the worst apple crisp she'd ever seen, and she's eaten a lot of dorm food and hospital food.
We had a Groupon coupon, which took the total on our bill down considerably. If I had paid full price, I'd have given the owner an earful.  I understand that this place is owned by the same people who own Raffael's in Walpole.  This location, although aesthetically pleasing, gets THUMBS DOWN.  I'd be tempted not go back, even with a free coupon.  Our "relaxing" night turned out to be stressed by a lousy meal, and a waste of valuable time (not to mention the 45 minute ride and $20 in gas).    
My Rating: *1/2 (Fair/Poor)



601 Neponset Street
Canton, MA

Review by Mark Snyder


The wife and I were in the mood for Italian food, so we figured we try some place new. This led us to nearby Canton and the Neponset Street location of Rosario's Grille. The place has a musty smell that set off my asthma, so from the start it wasn't a very good experience. The waitress was friendly and efficient, delivering almost-warm rolls, which we ignored. We ordered Scallops wrapped in Bacon ($10.99) as an appetizer, and waited for a LONG time. The waitress came over and apologized, telling us "there was a large to go order that clogged up the kitchen." But, it was worth the wait. The large sea scallops were perfectly cooked, and wrapped with a nice slice of crispy bacon. It was served with some hot butter, mixed with garlic, on the side. We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and were looking forward to our entrees.

The entrees, however, were all downhill. My wife ordered chicken cacciatore, with a side of steamed brocolli. Unlike most times we're ordered that dish, this one was unique. Large hunks of chicken (rather than the usual small cuts) were mixed with veggies in a heavy sauce. It didn't taste all bad, but it wasn't good by any means. She sent back the brocolli, which was not fresh, and appeared to have come from their freezer.

Mine was much worse. I'm a veal parm fan. I always order it at Italian restaurants. It's my bellwether for good food. This veal, served with angel hair pasta in a sweet bland sauce, was not actually veal at all. The veal was hard to find. There was a layer of cheese and another layer of bread crumbs, and between them a cardboard sized piece of smashed veal. The dish was literally inedible. I ate most of the pasta and left the "veal" on my plate. One of my pet peeves is veal patty or a veal meal like this. It's not really veal in the purest sense.

The waitress was kind enough to remove the entree from our bill. The manager offered complimentary desserts, which we turned down. We'll come back another time to give it a second chance, but--for now--this place is NOT recommended.

My Score: 2 Stars (Fair)



5 Post Office Square
Sharon, MA

Review by Mark Snyder

Sharon Center offers fine Indian Cuisine at Coriander Bistro, a 5 Post Office Square. Located next to French Memories, there is ample parking behind the restaurant. Food was excellent, service was barely acceptable (the waiter had to be corrected a few times on a basic order), and the prices were reasonable (dinner was about $50 for two, with no drinks or dessert.)

We enjoyed the Meat Samosa appetizer, two homemade crispy turnovers, stuffed to the brim with ground lamb ($4.95). Try the dark brown sauce, served with the crispy cracker on top of your Samosa. Good combination! We enjoy yje Tandoori specialties when dining at Indian restaurants. Tandoori is a traditional charcoal oven made with clay. Food cooked in a tandoori is traditionally lighter and heartier, with a nice smoky flavor. The Tandoori Mixed Grill ($16.95) is loaded (and might be enough for two, with appetizers and Basmati rice.) The variety of items includes lam kabob, chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, fish tikka, and shrimp tandoori, served on a bed of onions.

Other interesting dishes include Nepali momo's, steamed dumplings, which come in chicken ($10,95), lamb ($11.50) and vegetable ($9.95) for eight. For those looking for a sampling of the menu at dinner, try the Coriander Special Dinner for two. A vegetarian selection is $33.95, or the meat version is $45.95). The latter includes chicken soup, meat samosa, choice of two entrees, mixed grill, and choice of dessert, tea or coffee.

For those a bit less daring, there is a weekday luncheon buffet for $8.95. Coriander's owner also runs the Himalayan Bistro at 1735 Centre Street in West Roxbury. And, DON'T order anything "hot." I love spicy foods, but I couldn't breathe after one bite. Go medium, young man (or woman), go medium!

My Score: 3 Stars....Very Good


756 Washington Street (Rt. 138)
Stoughton, MA

Review by Mark Snyder

Said "Felix" Safai, a gourmet chef, has opened up a bright new place for lunch and dinner in Stoughton Center. After cleaning out the former Jamaican restaurant location next to Olivio's Restaurant, he has brought the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean to Stoughton. Kabob House is a small place, that seats a couple of dozen people. To start, try a Mediterranean Orzo Soup, featuring a perfect combination of orzo, vermicelli, and vegetables, topped with freshly squeezed lemon juice, with a touch of peppermint (Cup $2.99 Bowl $3.99). Appetizers include Houmus, a puree of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, fresh lemon juice, and a touch of olive oil ($5.95); Kuku Sabzi, a mixture of fine chopped herbs, onions, garlic, and eggs broiled gently in a saute pan ($5.99). Those who like salads will enjoy the grilled chicken salad, which includes chicken breast lightly coated in a mild curry sauce on bed of mixed greens, with tomatoes and cucumbers, served with Kabob House's dressing ($7.95). There are a myriad of sandwiches and entrees, but we prefer the entrees from the grill. Most dishes come with Tsatziki, a yogurt with diced cucumbers, garlic and dill . You can choose a different side if you prefer.We loved the basmati rice. Try the Adana Kabob ($10.95), two long skewers of ground beef, seasoned with a spicy Kabob House blend of spices. It was a wonderful treat. So was the Kubide Kabob ($10.95), two juicy long skewers of charbroiled seasoned ground beef, with basmati rice and grilled tomatoes. The Kabob Bahrg (sirloin steak tips/$12.95), Chicken Kabob ($10.95), and Shish Kabob (lamb/$14.95) are all worth the trip. This is an impressive new restaurant that will shine among the many oriental restaurants and pizza shops that crowd the town. For dessert, they offer Apple Strudel ($4.95) and Baklava ($4.95). I also wanted to mention Cassie Matta, who works at Kabob House. She was extremely pleasant at the order station. (WARNING: Everything is cooked to order, so it can take nearly an hour to get your food. You may want to call ahead with your order.)


My Rating: Three Stars *** Very Good

(Editors Note: Kabob House was forced to close due to a roof collapse in December 2010. Said has opened a Kiosk on the Lake in Sharon during the summers.)



620 Washington St. (Rt. 138)
South Easton, MA


Review by Mark Snyder

It's just what we needed---an excellent Mexican restaurant in Metro South. El Mariachi opened recently and already has lines waiting to eat there.  The hard-working staff is well informed on menu items, and the food is generous, while the prices are reasonable.  That's a good combination. Try not to fill up on the nachos and salsa, provided when you are seated. They are highly addicting and loaded with calories and saturated fat.  Save the calories for the main dishes!  We loved the Mixed Combo Fajitas for two.  This combination of steak, chicken, bell peppers, and onions is served with warm tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, rice and charro beans.  Noticably absent was salsa, which is really needed when making this delightful little wraps.  ($26.50 for two) Another great choice is Steak Huasteco, a top sirloin steak, flame broiled and smothered with sauteed onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic shrimp. Served with rice and beans. ($16.50).Pork Carnitas is another interesting dish, with slow cooked pork with fresh garlic. Topped with red onion rings and served with rice, beans, guacamole, and a dish of mild red sauce. ($12.75). El Mariachi also features Quesadillas, Combo Dinners, and much more.  Appetizers include the Fiesta Sampler, with nachos, mini quesadillas, mini flautas, and buffalo wings ($10.25).  We enjoyed the Nachos Idaho, crisp baked potato skins, filled with cheese and your choice of ground beef, shredded beef, or shredded chicken.($7.75) It seems from speaking to other diners, and our own experience, that whatever you order should be delicious and reasonable. Feel free to enjoy a Margarita or Mexican Beer to enjoy the total Mexican experience! 

(My Rating: 3 Stars ***Very Good)



Asian Buffet

525 Washington Street
Stoughton, MA 02072

Review by Tyler Dennis

As you may have seen driving by the Asain Buffet on Rt. 138 Washington Street, the price for dinner has clearly been marked at $8.99.  This is clear in not one, but two locations infront of the resturant.  This place has horrible service, and is a filthy establishment and should be shut down by the Board of Health.  My friends and I had a miserable dining experience.  They were not on top of their game in any aspect of the resturant business.  They did not only leave us thirsty, but they also failed to clear the table when there was a total of 9 plates when only three were eating.  Then they proceeded to charge us $12 and change, with a total of $37.77.  I was bewildered to see the price per person knowing how they advertised a decrease for their meals.  We then went back inside after checking the signs to make sure they were still there, we kindly asked for our change.  Then they showed us the small and nearly hidden sign stating that Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays is priced higher than the signs outside.  Being decent customers that did not complain about the service (and poor quality in food) they refused to give us our money back and then started yelling at us.  We would like the town of Stoughton and all who visit to know what a horrific view and experience this place, is when looking for a decent meal.  Two ladies at the front threw me and my friend out angerly and shouting at us to never come back and that they do not need our business.  I would like for me and my friend Zach Apotheker to make this known. 


(EDITORS NOTE: This place closed down not long after this review)


Anthony's Trattoria
1819 Central Street
Stoughton, MA 02072
Review by Mark Snyder

The best thing about Anthony's is the owner himself. He seems to want to please anyone that comes in, asking how people like their food, inquiring about how the food was after it is served. This small restaurant, which delivers to Canton, Stoughton and Sharon, has good fresh food. The half pound burger I had was cooked exactly as specified, and was absolutely delicious. I didn't like the fries, however. I'm a big fan of cut up potatoes, with skin on. These fries, with that coating you find in some restaurants, are crisp, but tasteless. Anthony said that he has used the potatoes without coating, but they don't hold up for to go orders. "They get soggy and soft, and no one likes fries like that."  I do understand his point, but perhaps he can serve legit fries for those ordering in. It's a start. The menu at Anthony's features pizza (I liked the Sicilian sheets ($19.95), which must be ordered 24 hours in advance.) The fresh garlic pizza ($6.95) was good, but for some reason no one wanted to get too close to me. I also tried a Buffalo Pizza ($7.95) (off the gourmet menu) and it was tasty, if not too strong. Others that looked good included the Meat Lovers Pizza ($9.25) and Portuguese Pizza (Lunguica & onion/$8.50). An excellent variety of Calzones, Subs, Sandwiches, and salads is also available. Specialties wraps also looked tasty. I also had a chicken parmesan meal (at different sittings, of course!) that included a nice portion of pasta and chicken, garlic bread, and a side salad for $10.95.


Rating: 3
Good value



Basil Leaf Cafe
408 Washington Street
Stoughton, MA 02072
Review by Mark Snyder

My wife and I love Vietnamese food and were so excited to see this restaurant open at the site of another of my favorite places, No Fat Lifestyle Grille. The parking lot was full on Friday night as we arrived, and we were lucky to get seated right away. Seating is limited to about 50 people or so. This Vietnamese Noodle Soup and Grilled Cafe offers paper menus, with some familiar appetizers, grilled meats, vermicelli bowls, soups, and vegetarian dishes.

The servers were busy, and we sat for 15 minutes before someone came over. When we asked the waitress a question, it became apparent she spoke little English. She signaled another waitress who spoke our language, but that waitress never came over. I asked a few people behind the counter whether a dish came with rice, and no one spoke English. A young lady dining there answered my question.

After speaking with a friend eating at a nearby table for some quick advice, we ordered GOI CUON TOM (spring rolls made with shrimp, mint, lettuce, pickled carrots and vermicelli wrapped by steamed rice paper and served with a peanut sauce.) We also ordered TOM NUONG (grilled shrimps), SATE GA NUONG (chicken teriyaki), Steamed Rice, and PHO HAI SAN (seafood soup with scallop, shrimp, fish cake and squid.)

Some of the food arrived about twenty minutes later, with the grilled shrimp and spring rolls arriving first. The spring rolls were tasty, with a spongy texture and a dipping sauce similar to the satay sauce in Thai restaurants. My wife got a bonus in hers---a chicken bone. Ironically, chicken is not one of the ingredients of the spring roll.

The grilled shrimp were tasteless, and still had the veins inside. They were so bad an to be inedible and we sent them back. If you are expecting shrimp out of their shells, cooked perfectly and tasty--you came to the wrong place. They were impossible to "clean" enough to eat.

Arriving next was the chicken teriyaki. What this actually was were skewers of inexpensive cuts of chicken, in a similar taste to a chicken satay at Thai restaurants. They tasted alright, but were served without any sauce. I used the leftover peanut sauce from the spring rolls, and they tasted good enough to finish.

Twenty minutes later, the soup arrived. The boiled rice never came. The soup has a pleasant enough broth. The included shrimp were shucked and deveined, and were acceptable in taste. However, the other seafood components were putrid and inedible. I tried a few pieces of "scallop", "Fish cake" and "Squid" and all were horrid. The rice noodles in the soup were so salty as to require water with every bite. Needless to say, we left almost a full bowl (and they are generously sized) of soup.

We were never given napkins, refills of water, utensils or anything else from our overworked and undertrained waitress. I told the man behind the counter that it was one of the worst meals I have ever had, and he didn't seem to understand what I was saying.

If you want Vietnamese food, stick to the place across from Randolph High School in Shaw's plaza there. This place is not ready for prime time. .

Rating: 1 (lowest)

Try somewhere else.


Blanchard's Tavern
Route 28
98 North Main Street
Avon, MA 02322
( 508 ) 587-2884
Review by Mark Snyder

I'm almost hesitant to write about this jewel nestled on the Randolph-Avon line. An authentic tavern of 1780 (built in 1748), it is the only operating tavern of the Colonial period north of Williamsburg, VA, devoted to drinks, snacks and entertainment of 1780.

This delightful chunk of history is comfortable, friendly, and a lot of fun. The night we visited talented tenor troubadour Larry Carlson was entertaining with songs of the sea, bawdy ballads, and a great voice. This Carver resident, and history professor at Thayer Academy, was delightfully entertaining with his renditions of songs over 220 years old.

Blanchard's Tavern is run by the Blanchard Nonprofit Trust and is ALL volunteers. From the bartender, who serves English, Irish and American Beers, hard and mulled cider, mead, colonial wines, General Washington coffee, and Colonial tea; to the friendly helpers who offer food like pork and beef pies, Brunswick Stew, Vermont Bread with Harvarti Cheese, and Syllabub, Blanchard's Tavern is a place you will want to return to again and again!

Like Cheers in the late 1900s, it's a place everybody knows your name. We met some of the most interesting, warm and friendly people in just a couple of hours at Blanchard's, and look forward to going back.

Blanchard's offers different entertainment and specials on Saturday nights starting at 8 p.m. For information on specific offerings, call 508-588-1620, or visit their website at

The facility is available on a limited basis for rental. But beware: a ghost (possibly a Revolutionary soldier) named "David" lives in the house. From the days of locals ducking Indians, to the Underground Railroad, the secret passageways and the quaint elegance of days gone by still reside at Blanchard's Tavern!

Rating: 5 (highest)
Best Bets: Try it!


The Daniel Webster Inn
149 Main St.
Sandwich, MA

Restaurant Review by Mark Snyder

We were seated adjacent to a magnificent courtyard, featuring beautiful Christmas lights and a wonderful gazebo. The atmosphere is upscale, but warm and comfortable just the same. The historic Daniel Webster Inn caters to demanding people from around the globe, who want to partake in the luxury of the health spa, the refined elegance of their rooms, or simply to get a meal that you won't forget for a long time.

We started with braised short rib potstickers, a Caribbean-style dish, featuring fresh fruit salsa and savory planters semi-glace. The Crab Nori Roll featured Risotto, a large amount of scrumptious crabmeat, and fresh vegetables rolled in Nori and deep fried. It is served with an avocado remoulade. But, a more pedestrian item really ran away with our taste buds at appetizer time. The Shrimp Cocktail was the best my wife and I have ever tasted. Colossal-sized chilled Gulf Shrimp, served with a tangy horseradish cocktail sauce, it was just amazing. We took our time, each getting two shrimp, and enjoyed them thoroughly. They were fresh, cooked perfectly and served with a wonderful sauce. A can't miss appetizer choice!

My wife ordered her dinner off the menu. I went with a dinner special. Pam got Grilled Australian Lam loin, rubbed with Moroccan spices, and served with goat cheese and mustard fondue, minted almond couscous, and rutabaga fries. I ordered the Asian short ribs, served with Hoison sauce. Both dishes passed the taste test, but my wife's simply mouth-watering lamb had her taking time to enjoy each bite.

Daniel Webster Inn offers fine dining for reasonable prices in a cozy historic and homey atmosphere. We give it FOUR STARS for gourmet greatness!

The Belfry Inne & Bistro
4-8 Jarves St.
Sandwich, MA

Restaurant Review by Mark Snyder

Nestled on a quaint street in the village-like downtown area of Sandwich on Cape Cod, is the upscale, classy and thoroughly scrumptious Belfry Inne. This splendid bed and breakfast is coupled with a gloriously classic restaurant, which serves premium quality foods at a premium price. If you're looking for a special occasion place--birthday, anniversary or other event--you can't miss with this wonderful place.

We started off our meals with Thai peanut-dusted shrimp, with Thai basil noodle salad, toasted peanut oil, and sweet coconut peanut sauce ($12). The jumbo shrimp were amazing, and the noodles-with the sweetness of the accompanying coconut-flavored mix--were an excellent ancillary taste. We also got the black sesame-seared sea scallops, with red curry coconut sauce, pineapple raisin relish and Thai basil ($12). The huge scallops were cooked perfectly (a must for that particular seafood to stand up) and the sesame flavor was simply amazing. The accompanying bread--served hot and with flavored butter--was also delicious, but my wife and I were trying to save calories for the good stuff. For the main course, we chose Atlantic halibut steak with black olive crust, virgin olive oil whipped potato puree ($30). This fish was to die for--and I don't normally like fish! The black olive crust (even if you don't like black olives) was NOT overpowering, but provided the necessary flavor to enhance the perfect halibut steak. This was also served with zucchini tomato stew with fresh herbs. We also ordered the yellow fin tuna tataki with crisp vegetable lo mein noodles, spicy red pepper coconut sauce with sesame glaze ($29). The tuna was ordered medium well, and arrived as raw as sushi. Evidently, this is how this item is served everywhere. My wife enjoyed it, I stuck to the halibut. We ended a delightful evening with dessert, ordering two pedestrian items. We'd recommend walking down the street to an ice cream shop at there corner of Jarves and Rt. 6a to complete the meal. But, if you're looking for a wonderful, classy dinner--served by professionals who know their food--then it's worth the trip to Belfry Inn. And, if you're thinking of staying on Cape Cod, why not stay at the Belfry, featuring three gloriously-restored buildings in historic Sandwich Village. Featuring handsome furnishing, classic architecture and wonderful amenities, you can't go wrong at Belfry Inne and Bistro.

Rating: *** ( 3 out of 4 stars) VERY GOOD

Mahachai Restaurant
622 Washington St.
Canton, MA

Restaurant Review by Mark Snyder

Mahachai is a small, comfortable Thai restaurant located in Canton Center. This storefront serves delicious food, with excellent service from start to finish.

Excellent appetizers include the Chicken Satay, with fresh white meat chicken, served with steaming hot peanut sauce, and a delicious Thai cucumber salad on the side. The requisite carrot cut like a flower accompanies the dish. Shrimp bags (steamed or fried), and Steamed Mussels (one of my favorites) are excellent choices. For those with trouble making up their minds, try the Mahachai Combination, featuring Thai Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay, Shumai , Dumplings, Shrimp Blanket, Tofu Triangle, and Vegetable Tempora.

For entrees, we tried the mildly-spicy Grilled Chili Salmon and Crispy Spicy Chicken (also rather mild.) Both were absolutely delicious, and their hotness was cooled down more than sufficiently when mixed with the fabulous Pad Thai (a Thai favorite, consisting of stir-fried noodles, shrimp, chicken, bean sprouts, ground peanuts, scallions and eggs.)

Thumbs up for a pleasant dining experience. Complete dinners start at $8.50. Can't beat that!

Mezza Luna
253 Main Street
Buzzards Bay
Cape Cod, MA 02532

Review by Mark Snyder

What an incredible find! Located only two minutes from the Bourne Bridge, at the rotary that joins Rt 6, this Italian restaurant shines from the moment you enter the establishment. You'll be pleased to hear the gentle sounds of Sinatra, Martin and other Italian singers serenating you. Emilio John (you can call him "E.J") Cubellis II is the third generation owner of a wonderful throwback to the easy dining of the 1950's, featuring great service, old country charm, great food, and pride.

Still utilizing sauces, breads and recipes from family matriach Nona Speranza's 1937 kitchen, you'll find impeccable hospitality to go along with the fine foods.

Best Bets: Fish Chowder, Pork Chops, Rack of Lamb, Chicken Parmesan, Rack of Lamb, Linguini Medley (featuring scallops, shrimp and mussels), and Veal Marsala.

There's a full children's menu (4.95-6.95). Entrees run from $11.95-$17.95. Mezza Luna features the Hickory Room Lounge and North End Style Outdoor Cafe (in summer).



R Place at the Berkeley
312 Washington St.
Wellesley Hills, MA

Review by Mark Snyder

Let me confess off the bat- -I enjoy eating in a place where you get a good amount of quality food for a reasonable price. R Place is not that kind of place. The food here goes from excellent to mediocre. The prices from expensive to very expensive.

Located in a basement, it has a dark but romantic feel to it. My wife and I chose to celebrate our anniversary here. We skipped the menu of appetizers, which included Smoked Salmon & Spring Rolls ($10.50), Crab Cakes ($11.00) and Grilled Asparagas ($9.75). I chose to go with a half order of the "R" Classic Pad Thai ($9.00) as a main course. The tempura shrimp on top (3) were fine. The pad Thai itself was inedible and was returned.

My wife thoroughly enjoyed the Cajun Ancho Chili Rubbed grilled Mahi Mahi. It was served with grilled asparagus. The poppy seed plum glaze added some flavor to the fish. It is also served with bourbon sweet potatoes. The portion was tiny, and the price not ($22). Overall, the Thiel family has a very nice place. But my meal was horrid. My wife was pleased with hers. I left hungry and stopped to eat on the way home. Best Bets: Apple Smoked Duck Leg with grilled Duck Breast ($20), Australian Beef Tenderloin ($28), Mustard & Herb-crusted Lamb ($25) Rating: 2




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